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This handcrafted laptop bag whispers stories of resilient hands and empowered smiles. Woven from thick, cushioned fabric, it's a haven for your device, crafted by senior artisans of the Nayasawera NGO, thriving under India's Aatmanirbhar spirit. Each stitch ripples with their strength, and each purchase echoes with your kindness. This bag is waterproof. Embrace sustainable luxury, knowing your choice cradles not just your laptop, but hope for an age-old haven. More than a bag, it's a legacy you carry.

Laptop Bag

    • Material - handloom fabric

    • Dimensions - 43 cm * 35 cm

    • Features - Waterproof, Easy to carry, Cushioned Fabric

    • Closure - Zipper

    • Compartments - 1 inner pocket , 1 compartment

    • Care Instructions - Hand Wash Only

    • Package Includes - 1 unit Laptop bag

    • Origin - Jaipur, India

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