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Sunitha Devi

Sunitha, hailing from a laborer family, grappled with illiteracy and financial constraints. After marrying into a similarly struggling household, finding stable employment became a challenge. The turning point in her life came through Hema, associated with the Naya Sawera Atmanirbhar project.

Under Hema's guidance, Sunitha acquired sewing skills during her free time. Faced with the responsibility of a 6-month-old daughter, Hema suggested she take up tailoring work from home. Sunitha embraced this opportunity, gradually garnering orders from the Naya Sawera Atmanirbhar project.

With persistence and dedication, Sunitha's craftsmanship improved, leading to an increase in orders. Consequently, she became a valuable contributor to her family's income. Currently content and proud of her work, Sunitha looks forward to furthering her skills, aspiring to provide a brighter future for her daughter.

Sunitha Devi
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