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Vishni Devi

Meet Vishni Devi, a powerhouse of resilience and compassion. As a single parent to a son and a daughter, she took on the mantle after her husband's tragic passing from a brain hemorrhage two years ago. Now, her mission is clear: to prepare her son for a promising job and support her daughter's dream of becoming a nurse.

For the past decade, Vishni Devi has been the silent force behind social development activities, dedicating her life to caring for children in dire circumstances—those begging for food, trapped in child labour, scavenging garbage, and orphaned. Currently serving as a project coordinator with the Atmanirbhar initiative of Naya Sawera, Vishni Devi is weaving threads of empowerment. Her role involves teaching sewing skills to women in slums, forming tight-knit groups to create cloth based accessories. Through her guidance, these women not only find a source of income but also pave their way to financial stability and independence.

In Vishni Devi's words, the Naya Sawera project is a beacon of economic freedom for self-reliant women.

Vishni Devi
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